Friday, 9 May 2014

Nothing but a House

A bevy of beautiful houses....

Hello, something different to show you today.  I'm covering in my lovely shop Indigo Moon for this week whilst Gav completes his DVD.  There isn't much room to work but i found these pretty papers i've had hanging around and decided to have a play!

 I made over a hundred of these over the last two days whilst sat in the shop (i was supposed to be stock taking!!!  ...this was more fun though), they're all different, different sizes, colours and shapes and as always when i'm creating in the shop people want to buy - I sold eight and quickly replaced them by making another eight.

I'm thinking garlands maybe...

Happy Friday, another post soon


Fuzzie Fingers said...

What a lovely way to pass the time in the shop. They are lovely. Had a look at your shop's website and your shop looks lovely.

Lynn Holland said...

Better than stocktaking any day