Sunday, 4 May 2014

A little bit of everything

A very good Sunday morning to you.  It's another beautiful (if just slightly chilly) day here in Montgomery.  The sun is shining, everything is a lot brighter and i can hear the birds twittering outside the windows.  This is the first relaxing Sunday i've had for a while, nothing to do at all today so i shall be taking it easy.

Having said that by 'nothing to do' i mean household wise.  We've had some wonderful friends visiting for the last few days and the house is as clean/tidy as it can be.  Creatively there is always something to do, but i'm well on target for exhibition work so i can afford a little break.

Here are some pieces i've been working on for my exhibition "Nothing but a Home" (title still subject to change):

I've been playing with clay for a while and wanted to make these small houses.  They were quite difficult to construct as i wanted the walls to be a thin as possible.

 Which is not easy with wet clay so i had to partly dry it first, but then it became harder to fix it together.  However, i wasn't looking for total perfection.

 I've since broken the ladder!!!  it fell off whilst i was moving it and then a creepy lady appeared when i wasn't looking, i think she lives here somewhere, there are always strange things happening! 

This is the second one without the roof, ahem...the roof pieces have since slid down the back of the radiator whilst drying...  I kind of like it better without the roof actually it reminds me of half dereliction, maybe i'll put a broken chair and table and peeling plaster/wallpaper in this one.

So...what's in order for May?  For the next two weeks or so i'll be busy in my shop 'Indigo Moon' covering all week as Gav is still busy editing the 'Uriah Heep' DVD he's currently producing, he also needs to catch up on a few admin bits too.  I'm continuing to work on my exhibition pieces for August but will also be planning my social media updates after receiving a message from facebook that i haven't been on my page for a while!!!  Not really the way to go with a business page is it?  So i have to make sure there are regular updates there and elsewhere.  Clarity and Blur will be getting a face lift too - not sure how/what yet but i'm working on it.  Some ideas are forming at the moment  so watch this space.

In the meantime i thought i'd show you my nice sunny kitchen and the vintage enamel sign gav put up last week (meant to go in the shop but we thought we'd enjoy it for a while), you can just see a bit of the sunlight soap one above the door..

And last (but certainly not least) another one of my gorgeous puppy in her favourite place, i love how she crosses her paws when she's relaxed, like a little old lady.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend (in UK anyway)


Anonymous said...

Nice Kitchen; nice dog; creepy old lady!xx

Twiglet said...

He he just read the above comment - it's the little one in your clay house they mean I hope!!! Got to agree your kitchen looks lovely in the sunshine. Have a good week - hope your shop is busy. x Jo