Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Drawing and a nice day out...


My Fairy Tale /Folk Tale obsession, i like the darker side of Little Red Riding Hood, being not quite all she seems.  

 House illustrations

A dark grey day so far here in Monty, the sun tries to break through every now and then, but doesn't succeed... the shop is very quiet so i've spent the wrapping my little "tablescapes" ready for my exhibition (details soon).

I'm planning some changes for Clarity and Blur over the next month or so and am currently working out content.  I do hope to have a more regular post regime and items for sale in my Etsy shop.  Thanks to everyone who's made enquiries and purchases through here over the last six months, i am aware that it needs to be easier, your patience is appreciated.

I'll be posting all the details of my forthcoming exhibition "Nothing but a House" soon, it's very exciting and am currently working on business card /postcard design.  There'll be regular posts on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and maybe another day if i can fit it in.  The Sunday post will initially be a series of features on textiles of a various nature and generally posts about interesting articles.  I'm currently reading an article on Eiderdown feathers and another on the history of silk production.  I'm also teaching myself weaving via a loom and will post my progress through that.  It's all still in the construction phase at the moment but i'm hoping i can get this done by June.

We managed a day out on Sunday.  Gav and i decided to go off in a northerly direction and find somewhere to have a walk and lunch even though the weather wasn't brilliant.  We arrived in Chester fairly early (with the intention of going to a Car Boot sale, unfortunately the one we usually go to was a wash out) but in time for breakfast.  We then took a drive up to the coast towards Conwy where we visited an antique shop and bought four chairs (which we just about fitted into the car), some tins and a rolling pin.  The sky was getting darker by the minute but we drove on to Caernarfon anyway.  Its castle is very imposing and impressive, situated right in the centre of town leaning over you wherever you go. 

 The Harbour Offices

We stopped at the Cornmill in Llangollen for tea before home



Fuzzie Fingers said...

You house paintings are really lovely.

Tina Gilmore said...

Thank you x

Lynn Holland said...

Your shopIng purchases sound like my kind of shopping. I spotted a yard sale and came away a with an old fishing basket and loads of old hammers, spanners and pliers, all rusty. They are now in my garden planted to look like a picket fence.
Lynn :) x