Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have one more Easter Egg left...not bad really for me, Gav and i had four between us, mind you we did also have a huge box of chocs (and Champagne)for our wedding anniversary just before!  Three years, i can't believe it's gone so quick, we celebrated it over three days with a visit to Zizzi's Pizzeria in Shrewsbury one night, a meal cooked for me the next evening and a trip to the theatre on the third day - it was all very special and romantic.

The Theatre performance was Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood" which, in my view, is a work of genius. The set was a backdrop of tiny houses, harbour and Llareggub Hill, you can see part of it in the picture below, it was a real treat and the acting was superb.

 Dear Gwalia! I know there are towns lovelier than ours....
Rev Eli

  Boys boys boys Kiss Gwennie where she says Or give her a penny. Go on, Gwennie.

Our next trip is to see "The Trials of Oscar Wilde" in May...can't wait.

Despite all the celebrating going on i have managed to get a lot of work done for my exhibition.  I'm currently organising Postcards and business cards, it's quite a job, preparing images is not easy, let alone choosing which ones to use.  

Here's a sneak peek at some mixed media stitch i've been working on:

98 chairs
All the chairs have now been constructed and painted i've put a little seat pad on each one still have a few to do) but am now not sure whether i like it or not - maybe i just need to leave it and see if it grows on me!!!  Ah some, lose some.

Some items from a recent trip over to Bishops Castle.  

Art work from Jacs, at the gallery, have a look at her "Rural Retro" site.  These pictures are recycled from old envelopes!

One of her note books

With brown paper

Sketchbooks from Simpsons (I have plans)
a childrens book

I love the illustrations in here, the artist is Irene Brady

Also on Monday Gav and I traipsed off to Malvern for the Flea Market where i found more old ledgers and some small print/typeset trays.  

Back to work tomorrow in the shop, have a lot to think about.  My first job is to start our annual stock take (Ughhh!!) and i have a few deliveries to unpack,so it'll be like Christmas for a short time!  

Many thanks to those of you who've sent emails asking about my work for sale and to those of you who've purchased  both through here and Etsy, i'm very grateful to you.

listening to and loving:  'Pulp' and 'Joy Division'

reading: Poetry - R S Thomas - Poems to Elsi, 'The Three Musketeers' and 'Richard Collins - The Land as viewed from the sea'

Watching (and laughing):  'Rev' 


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