Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nothing but a house...

Hello again it seems ages ago since our visit to the seaside, which was much needed, we were well looked after by Gav's parents, days out and delicious meals and i even managed a two hour trip to the hairdressers whilst there (never seem to have time to go here).  This year is definitely galloping by.

As soon as i got home it was straight back into work, both in the shop and preparing for my forthcoming exhibition:

(more) teeny tiny button houses:

 ...and packaged up

I've now almost finished my 'printer tray' piece - little houses.  You might remember they were made of air drying clay, all 102 of them, each one different.  They've now all been painted, varnished, embellished with words and a touch of gold leaf.

This is my next project:: 

98 tiny chairs.  
This 'printers tray' has 49 small compartments and 49 slightly larger compartments

All the chairs are "ladder back" style, not just because they were less complicated to construct, but i needed the height to fill the space.  They'll be painted and i'm thinking of tiny cushions to adorn each one.  Since this photo was taken i've finished the 49 larger chairs and have completed about 18 of the smaller ones.

I have one more printer tray left and am thinking about making another piece....
...maybe people, if i have time!!!!

This is a dolls house i bought from an auction sale last year, Gav paid £5 for it.  It had obviously come straight out of a house clearance, from someone's attic.  Almost ancient, once loved and played with.  I left it as it was, complete with peeling wallpaper, not even brushing the dust and grime from the inside.

It was unfurnished when i bought it and i've been looking for the right furniture to suit its derelict and decayed look!!  
I found this set at a shop in Ludlow last Sunday, now it's complete.

I love that there are no doors on the inside, no stairs either and the front doors are falling off their hinges!  I love the crudeness of how it's all put together, the wallpaper scraps that were once used in the home, old bits of wood, it oozes a once upon a time "love and cherish" look.  It just needed a little furniture to make it feel loved again, I wouldn't change a thing, not the peeling wallpaper, the broken hinges or the dust - I love it just as it is.  Although, talking of "unhinged" it's how my daughter described me when she saw it!!!!!

My exhibition is on the 1st August for a week at the Old Bell Museum here in Montgomery.  I'm currently working on posters and cards.  It's called "Nothing but a House".  It's an exhibition about the celebration of the home and what it means to you.  My idea is combined with simple drawings, collage and assemblage to form objects that will inspire the viewer to interpret their meanings and form ideas that communicate a sense of connection to place and memory.

I've been inspired to do this because the word "Home" or "House" evokes all kinds of emotions, it can transport us to different times in our lives, but generally when most people think of home they think about a place that is dear to their hearts. A revered place that nurtures their personhood and surrounds them with love and warmth and is one of the few places that we can be ourselves and seek refuge in a busy and chaotic world.

I'll be posting a poster nearer the date.

Beautiful flowers currently on my kitchen windowsill

Lazy Lizzie currently keeping me company whilst i do this post! 
She loves this windowsill at the top of the house overlooking the gardens, this is her favourite spot, she reminds me of a pussycat



Twiglet said...

You have been busy - Your exhibition will be brilliant I am sure. Not sure what Maxine will come up with for hers - I think we need a "mighty plan"!

Gill said...

I love your teeny button houses!

Fuzzie Fingers said...

I love your tiny button houses too!

judie said...

Awesome view your doggie has. Beautiful doggie too.