Monday, 17 March 2014


Just a quick post as I'm at the seaside...a visit up north to Bridlington to Gav's parents for a few days.

Most of my week has been taken up with tidying and sorting my art studio ready for some serious work and thoughts for my upcoming exhibition.  In amongst all the sorting i found this:

I made it last year and don't know why i squirreled it away!  I think i was disappointed with the background colour, but i can change that easily.

My tidied/sorted art room......
from this.... this.... with a dedicated sewing area.



Pretty Ragged Threads said...

I love this piece, color and all.

judie said...

Ah well now that you have put everything in it's place, will you be able to find it? Ha! I just came from your Flickr. Awesome art you do. I especially like your stitch pieces. Saved your place to favs so I'll be back! :)