Monday, 10 March 2014

Li'l Red...

Playing with some ideas for my fairy tale art.  Li'l Red and  Mister Wolf made out of air drying clay.  These aren't finished yet, it's shame that Mister Wolf doesn't stand on his own, but i'm pleased with Li'l Red, i especially like her cloak and hood.

 Not entirely sure how i'll use these just yet, but i'm enjoying playing around with the clay, it's very tactile and forgiving.  I'm currently working on Baba Yaga Boney Legs' house!

I finally finished painting the million clay houses i've been working on for this piece! Well, not quite a million but it felt like it.  Still not finished yet, but i thought i'd show you the progress.

I was thinking of painting all the doors red!  not sure though.  I have some poetry to add to each house and a few birds and trees (currently drying).  I have to decide whether to do something to the printing tray, it looks very rustic but at the very least needs a good clean and maybe a little sanding.  I look at it for ages before doing anything, just waiting to do what feels right.

The weather is very beautiful here today, lots of sunshine and warmth, it's very welcome.



Janey G said...

love it all and yes to the red doors x

Lynn Holland said...

Hi I'm a new follower who has popped across from Cathy Cullis's write up about your mark making sketchbook.
I love what you do and the little houses piece is great. I think one red door would look good.
Looking forward to following your blog