Friday, 7 March 2014

Waiting for Spring....

Marks on Paper
a little tutorial

Trying to keep busy in the face of adversity!  I created this small watercolour abstract by using marks on paper.  Not using watercolours in the traditional way gives a sense of freedom, a kind of going against the norm, which is pretty much how i feel at the moment!

 First take your water colour paints, i used Aquafine, i don't have a huge array of colours, my plan when i bought these was to use them to embellish backgrounds and i was going though an "all shades of blue" mood!  You can use any paint actually, acrylics, gouache would work just as well.
 I had these little pieces of watercolour paper leftover from another project, you can cut or use whatever you have to hand, it doesn't have to be watercolour, just strong enough to take the paint.

 I blobbed a little blue randomly onto the paper

 and used a pallet knife to spread the paint randomly across the paper

 remember to clean your pallet knife before the next colour and allow the first colour to dry or you could get mud  (i used my heat gun to speed up the process).  Here i blobbed on a small amount of green.
 I then randomly spread that across the paper with my clean pallet knife and allowed to dry.
once dry i took a yellow colour and using the edge of the pallet knife and marked the paper to create stalks for the flowers.

 close up of detail

 Using the top of a pen i'd dipped in white paint i created the flower heads (remember this is an abstract piece, if you prefer to do a more detailed flower, go for it)!

 When all dry, sign it and give it a title
 Then cut a small piece of mountboard for backing and wrap in cellophane to sell in your shop/craft fair etc.

Here are some others i created



Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea,the different colour schemes remind me of the different seasons.
x Valerie

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Thank you for this lovely tutorial which has inspired my latest post on my blog. I have, of course, placed a link to your post.