Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Year of Wonder

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2014

I feel this is going to be a year of wonder for me both personally (especially artistically) and for my business (my shop Indigo Moon)  

My blog will evolve over the next few weeks, i'm still working out it's content (i've been ill all over Christmas and New Year and am not quite back to 100%).  I'll be showing and talking about the ongoing projects i'm working on, the inspiration and thoughts behind each piece and what happens to the finished article and I'll be sharing some of the other projects i work on for my shop Indigo Moon, these artistic adventures are different from what i call my personal art. 

Throughout the year I'll be introducing you to some other artists/bloggers that i have been profoundly inspired by in one way or another, this will not be in the form of interviews, just a 'mid-week' post about them and their work to keep things flowing and interesting.  Finally, I'll be showing my beautiful home as i work through it and get it in order under the title of "Corners of my Home".  Of course there will be other things introduced as i formulate plans and ideas throughout the year.

I have an exhibition planned for the first week of August here in Montgomery (the Old Bell Museum) and have decided to stick to my theme of "The Home" - Unfortunately i had to cancel it last year.

So...starting off
here are some pieces i'm currently working on...

Tiny paper houses made from old legal mortgage envelopes

...painted and a vintage button sewn on. I've placed a little word from an old poetry book above each door and then backed it onto old legal mortgage ephemera...

These tiny pieces of art were made to fit these beautiful also tiny hanging glass frames (of which i ordered 36).  I just have to put something on the back and add a little gold leaf and they're ready to go, they measure 5cm x 5cm

These will be in my Etsy Shop very soon £7.99 plus P&P (Possibly Monday, I'm just awaiting delivery of the frames)

Here are some paper collages i'm working on, these are larger pieces.  I sit on the floor surrounded by boxes of vintage ephemera and play about positioning the pieces and adding some fabric which i then photograph.  I then sew around the individual pieces and reassemble them (using the photo...but sometimes i change them).  Then the fun (and some frustration) begins as i free machine embroidery them, picking out interesting graphics, words etc.  
All i need to add is a painting which will be of a house for these, some hand stitching and gold leaf...something like this...

This is a different collage.

I'm hoping to get hold of some of these glass hanging frames too, they are larger than the ones above.

Despite being ill, i did enjoy Christmas and even managed to get out and celebrate the new year.  In that respect Montgomery is a very special place, we have a very quirky event at Midnight every new years eve whereby almost all of Montgomery and visitors to the town appear in the square, under the clock and the Town Crier shouts her "O Yay, O'Yay" and cries in the new year.  Then everyone links arms in one huge "hokey kokey type of thing" to sing Auld Lang Syne!!!  Gav, myself and friends spent the evening between the Dragon Hotel where they'd organised "cocktails by the pool" and then to the Checkers to sit around their fire with a bottle of wine - then to our surprise and absolute delight at about 11.45pm they issued everyone with party pea shooters and foam balls!  It was then out and out 'war' between staff and customers - thoroughly enjoyable, especially as my daughter works there and we were on opposing sides! Really good fun.

For 2014:

"Enjoy yourself, 
it's later than you think..."

it's what i plan to do

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