Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Just a short one...

I've not been a very good blogger this year, which is a shame because blogging is something i love with a passion.  I'm rarely seen without my computer to hand, but not for me the facebook and twitter of my peers, i spend my time reading blogs.  For me it's like having thousands of beautiful glossy magazines at your fingertips without the cost and the bloomin' adverts.  My other delight is Pinterest, just logging into it showers me with a delightful array of stunning images, a great way to start off the day.  Of course, i do have a facebook account but i use it mainly for business and for following the many amazing artists who regularly show their work on there.  

As 2013 draws to a close i have to say that i am glad to see the back of it.  It's not been a pleasant year for me (and Gav for that matter) and i've had to do some serious soul searching to get through it.  2012 wasn't much better before it and i tried very hard to put things into perspective and have a positive 2013, but it wasn't to be and the negativity just seemed to gather pace.

Anyway, just to finish 2013 i have the cold and chest infection from hell and have been bed ridden for the last two days.  I can barely talk (which is not a bad thing says hubby!).  I've been dosing myself up with paracetamol and soothing honey and lemon which is having the desired effect.

Gav and i celebrated our main christmas last weekend when we had family visiting.  We had a huge christmas dinner, crackers, presents, music etc.  We had friends visiting throughout the day, the shop was mega busy and the atmosphere was brilliant.  Everyone left early on Sunday morning (which was when i fell ill) for their long trek back up North.  

We have a wonderful quiet christmas to look forward to now with just the two of us (three including Lizzie)and i can't wait.  My gorgeous baby girl is off to spend her christmas with her dishy french boyfriend and their friends in Chester, she's so excited bless her.

So...with carefully thought out'plans' to move forward into 2014 with great big positive steps...

I wish everyone the best Christmas ever and a sparkly, fabulous New Year.



Annie said...

Sorry to hear you're poorly Tina . Really hope you're feeling much better very soon so you can enjoy your Christmas and put all your plans into force for next year. Big hugs,
Annie x

Anonymous said...

She started to sing as she started the thing that couldn't be done and she did it.

Head up Tina,Go for it girl.
Very best for 2014

Anonymous said...

All the best for 2014. We are all behind you! Cheryl and Sharon xx