Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hello from Montgomery
I'm in the bath with Jo Malone,,,er...well...not literally...

soooooooo relaxing

Montgomery had the annual turning on of the Christmas lights last night...there's been carol singing and all sorts of things going on.  I didn't feel like joining in, it's very cold both outside and inside the house, hence the bath.  My bathroom and bedroom are now bathed in beautiful coloured lights until midnight throughout the rest of November and December.

I've been busy with the shop christmas window display today, i had this idea to do the most amazing window ever.  First i spent hours designing paper mache Angels Juliana Bollini style:

The beautiful work of Juliana Bollini

i wanted them flying acoss the window in a mass of  colour.  It took me almost three hours to make one and that didn't even get painted and as i needed about twelve at least, i gave up, it would probably have taken me over a week to make them.  

Next i found some inspiration on Pinterest for a tree made from chicken wire- i have loads of chicken wire - how difficult could it looked simple enough!

Two hours later nursing pierced fingers from sharp wire and arms that look like i've been self harming for the past year i gave up again.  Feeling pretty fed up by this time (and annoyed with myself for not planning all this earlier in the year), sore, cold and creatively uninspired i ended up taking the top segment of last years artificial tree and nestled it in a bucket of pebbles and wrapped the bucket in dyed green/blue sacking.  I raided my stash of vintage fabric for pieces of thick burlap and ribbon and adorned the tree with lights and beautiful glass decorations from the shop

My hand made primitive tree star

Not the most amazing window i planned but really beautiful anyway.  

I found this old display copy of a sketchbook in the shop the other day, not good enough to sell so i thought i'd keep it.  I love drawing on brown paper.  Here are some practice still life('s):

Little donkey, little donkey....

We've been going mad lately buying vintage/antique items for the shop but sometimes it's difficult not to keep them. However, we do buy a lot for ourselves anyway.  One of our newest large items is this huge school cupboard which fits perfectly in our kitchen.  We bought the school sign for the shop but couldn't part with it,  (it looks fab on the side of this cupboard).  I painted the inside white as i use it as a 'pantry' and left the outside as it was, original shabby.
We also have a thing for old storage jars and have so many different ones now.  This semolina jar we found at Malvern in the summer and added it to our collection.
...and this amazing find - a beautiful red spice tin. It still has spices in it, i haven't cleaned it out yet!

I also have a thing for dolls house furniture and found these at an antiques fair.  The little cupboard doors open too, it's very cute.

Dolls house chairs, these are 'new' but adorable.  Notice the teeny tiny ceramic shoes too?  I couldn't resist them.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
Your window looks Fab'as always.
Really laughed at the 'self harm' bit.Hope you get the business sorted
soon,wish you all the good luck.
Valerie x

Twiglet said...

Good luck with your business plans - you have such a lot of lovely stuff in your shop! x Jo