Thursday, 7 November 2013

New in my Etsy Shop

Hello, what a dreary old week it's been here in Montgomery this week, rain and more rain and an intense cold....i'm not ready for the cold weather yet, even though we've had a wonderfully warm summer it definitely wasn't long enough!

Here are some more of my 'home' vignettes in my Etsy shop today.  
The first one is sold but there are five left.

It was my birthday last saturday and i thought i'd show you some of my presents.

From Gav a Vintage Noah's Ark.  I love this, a hand carved wooden ark with sets of animals and Mr and Mrs Noah.  
 I must admit though that Mr and Mrs Noah look slightly sinister!  Mr Noah looks like he's carrying an axe and could be herding the animals to the abbatoir!  Great fun though.
 also Vintage french wooden sailor skittles - adorable
 and another printing tray, i can't resist them. 
 I have three now and am planning something beautiful with them!
 ...and this vintage perfume bottle!  The top is real silver and hallmarked with my date of birth (it's as old as i am).

From my beautiful baby girl, this...
...perfect for my long soaks in the bath with my book

Arty and spiritual books from my sister and her family whom i don't see very often and engineered a surprise visit and came armed with pressies, cake and her beautiful puppy dog, Rosie.

 and from my mother-in-law my Kindle Fire HD, taking a bit of getting used to, but i love it



Anonymous said...

Happy belated bithday Tina.
Love the vignettes,Hope the shop is
selling well,Keep warm.

Twiglet said...

Fab pressies - lucky you!! x Jo