Saturday, 10 August 2013

My poor blog is getting rather neglected of late...but i make no apologies as all the beautiful weather we've been getting here in the UK has to be enjoyed.  I have no work to show you because i simply haven't done anything and only went into my art studio this week to tidy it.

(from this)
 (to can even see a work surface)
...and i've not been back in since.  Instead i've been 'gallivantin' around visiting friends, family and places and i've enjoyed every minute.  

Filey,North Yorks, last week...

..we've also been making use of our National Trust Membership and have visited some beautiful places like Attingham Park again, although as it rained we looked around the house this time.

In addition, we have been putting much thought into our businesses, Indigo Moon is ticking along nicely but there are exciting changes and opportunities in the air, i can't say much at this point in time, but will soon enough.  In the meantime my blog will become a little more neglected in the short term only, so please bear with me!

The weather here is slightly cooler today, more like a normal summer actually, i'm working all day, but am looking forward to Claudia's party later at The Central, a rather nice relaxing end to the day.


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Twiglet said...

I used to like trips to Filey too. Sounds like you will be busy!! x Jo