Friday, 26 July 2013

Such beautiful warm weather we're still having here in the UK...and my art studio remains neglected!

However, it has been a good time for reflection, formulation of ideas (my sketchbooks are full) and of course catching up on reading (the stack of books on my bedside table had become a serious health and safety issue!)  I've worked my way through six books since the nice weather took hold (hence my neglected studio).  Yesterday evening (through a long boring and tedious council meeting that resembled scenes from "Hot Fuzz") i started "Seven Years in Tibet" (the book that is), i have seen the film but it was many years ago, although that hasn't stopped me thinking of the main character as Brad Pitt!!

Below are two of the new books i've bought recently, i sell lots of cards in my shop and am a huge fan of Mark Hearld and Angie Lewin, i've had these on my wishlist for a while and decided to treat myself.  

Well that's it for now, i'm off to Llangollen to see "the Blockheads" this evening but not before a nice meal and a walk along the river with my beloved man :)



Twiglet said...

Two fab books Tina - especially Angie Lewin. x Jo

Gill said...

Both these books are on my amazon wishlist but I can't decide which one to buy first!

Tina Gilmore said...

Hi Gill, they're both good, i'd go for Angie Lewin first.