Monday, 15 July 2013

Hello from the very warm Montgomery/Shrophire borders, i'm sorry i have no new work to show you at the moment, it's been far too hot to be locked away in the studio.  I have, however, been out and about visiting places, family and friends, i've been photographing, collecting and sketching like mad in my sketch books, which i'm filling with ideas ready for when the horrible cold weather returns!  so here's a little bit of what i've been doing...

...our early evening picnic at Montgomery Castle

Gav dishing out lovely fresh salmon, baked potatoe and salad
notice the glasses of bubbly? cold pink champagne

 the view we looked out on
 the castle to the back of us
better than any restaurant

 the weather is so gorgeous at the moment, it just has to be taken advantage of.  Montgomery Castle is stunning and just two minutes from our front door....albeit up a very steep hill! but worth the climb.

and another picnic in the walled garden 
(minus the champagne this time)

 Tamworth Pig(s)

 Indigo Moon
Things have been very quiet in the shop recently, everyone enjoying the nice weather too i guess.

but selling enough to manage, which is the main thing.

Yesterday Gav and i Drove up to the coast to Llandudno, Conwy and around to Bangor.  Cool walks on the beach and a visit to Penrhyn Castle (for a picnic).  I forgot to take the camera though!!  

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather as much as i am.


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Twiglet said...

The view from the castle is stunning isn't it. Your shop looks amazing and is always well worth a visit and a good mooch round! x Jo