Monday, 1 July 2013

Adventures in wax...

I don't know an awful lot about encaustics but i've enjoyed playing about with wax and paper lately.  I discovered that by covering even the finest, delicate papers in wax that it not only preserves them but makes it easier to stitch!  

 The wax gives the paper more of an antique(y) look, bringing out the slight "imperfections" or natures random art as i refer to it as, such as water damage, light damage, rust from old staples,  stains etc.



Twiglet said...

I like these. It's interesting how the wax affects the surface. x Jo

Kim Henkel said...

These are beautiful. I love the aged translucency and the layering, and of course the stitches. They look wonderful mounted on white

Anonymous said...

you've been waxing for a while now hav'ent you, maybe you get gav done as well !
tony ;-]