Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Rainy Day Reading

It's a day of rain and gale's here in Montgomery and i'm snuggled up on the sofa with a coffee and some books/computer for company.  Perfect really. 

My thoughts are currently drawn to the success of the Indigo Moon Creative Workshops venture and to next years programme (found here but continuously being updated), my beloved father (who is always on my mind, i miss him more than i can say) and ongoing ideas for an art gallery/shop to be incorporated here somewhere.  It's all rather exciting.

As it was my birthday recently, these books arrived, i've not fully looked at them yet, i have a strange ritual to undertake before i can even open them, i devour the images back and front, and there's a touchy/feely/smelling thing that goes on....i still love my kindle, but these type of books are in a different league!  Anyway.

"Fabric Pictures".  Janet Bolton's artwork is soul stirringly wonderful, just looking at the cover inspires me no end.

Claire's book on slow mindful stitch is right there in my zone at the moment, i seem to be doing a lot of this is spare minutes, it's very cathartic.

I really like Cas Holmes' work and her thought processes for creating, i think i'll learn a lot from this book.

All i need now is to get all my chores done and snuggle up and open the pages...
so looking forward to it.


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Fuzzie Fingers said...

You and I share the same ritual where books are concerned. It's nice to know I am not the only one. I like to receive a couple of books for Christmas and I put them somewhere safe and keep my eye on them and when I feel ready I will delve in.

I love Cas Holmes' work I have been lucky enough to see her at the Knit & Stitch Show. Enjoy your read.