Saturday, 28 November 2015

Boro Scarf

In my last post i mentioned 'rainy day reading', well there's been plenty of that over the last week or so.  It's been very lovely as my living space here at the armoury is at the top and we have roof windows...there's something so nice about sitting curled up with a book and a hot chocolate listening to the pattering of rain on the windows.

There's also a lot of stitching going on and some ideas and preparations for new things happenings here at Indigo Moon.  More on that soon.

The beginnings of a new 'Boro' scarf, this was at the stage where i was trying out colours/designs.  I wasn't entirely happy with the stitching colours and wished that i'd stuck to just plain white, but once it was done it was too much work to undo.

Inthe end i went for reds, browns and some stripes and it worked for me.  The linen i used is too heavy for a scarf so i'm experimenting with different types.

Overall, i'm happy with it.  It's completely hand sewn in the 'boro' style and very wearable, despite the thicker linen.

More soon


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Lisa Lapin said...

The scarf is so beautiful! I love the soft colors and the details on the pieces of fabric. It must have been so much work! But the result is for sure worth it.
All the best!