Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Birds of feather....

 or possibly not....

Currently having a mini holiday in the beautiful Peak District, Topley Head Farm very near Buxton. A day out today to Bakewell, but only for an hour or so, this holiday is more about relaxing and doing barely anything.  I did bring along a few art supplies, watercolours mainly to practice with, am loving these birds...
This was done using water soluble pencils, paints and lots of water, the result is always unpredictable.  
I wonder if i'll ever get the hang of using watercolours, i tend to overuse the water and sometimes the work never seems finished, so i keep adding and going over things, it does make for watercolours with a difference though, and that's not so bad.  I much prefer acrylics which are more forgiving and create texture.

Mixed media stitch pieces, muslin painted with gesso and acrylics and sashiko style stitching applied.

 Just experimenting with some stitched backgrounds for future use.

Vintage finds

A beautiful wooden horse...well half a wooden horse.  I picked this up from a place in Matlock a few weeks ago....i just felt it needed a good home.

A ledger from 1919

...all that beautiful handwriting and scribbles.


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Twiglet said...

Thanks for good wishes for Max had lovely day with her - did a few jobs and a bit of shopping together. Enjoy your mini break. Lovely area. x Jo