Monday, 8 September 2014

A chilly start to  the day here in Monty, but the sun is shining and i'm planning a nice long walk camera ready, i need to make the most of these beautiful bright Autumn days before Winter sets in.

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Summer has been an extremely busy time for me, hence not keeping up to date with posts.  I should be forgiven though as some of the "being busy" was putting things in order so i can do exactly that....and now i'm almost ready. 

Yesterday i was at the Autumn Fair in Birmingham shopping for Indigo Moon, it didn't seem so big this year and there were lots of big suppliers missing, but we enjoyed ourselves and managed to spend a significant amount of money on gorgeous things, we even managed to get a supplier to make some jewellery stands for our display (always a problem with jewellery).  We spent the whole day there, just taking our time and picking out things very carefully.  There were lots of deals to be had and it would have been easy to get carried away:

gorgeous candles

Beautiful fair trade festival bags 

There will be some big changes to my blog throughout the next few days and changes in my etsy shop .....firstly i need to go for that walk before the sun disappears.

TOODLEPIP....for now

"What is right to be done 
cannot be done too soon"
~ Jane Austen


Gelincik zaman─▒ said...

Very nice...

Twiglet said...

Love the bag! Good for using up all those fabric scraps. x Jo