Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Poetry Books/Zines and something else beautiful

Poetry Books/Zines
Still a work in progress but i'm working on them and hope to get them finished by the weekend and in my Etsy shop.

I've now added images, simple drawings and stitching

These little books/zines are small works of art, there are twelve pages in each one (the inserts are concertina(ed) and smaller) and there are five or six of my own poems in each book/zine.
Each poem is typed separately using a vintage 
typewriter and are glued in

I haven't yet decided how to package them but am hoping to work on that later today.

This is something else i'm working on at the moment

something to do in the evenings.  
I picked up a stash of this Egyptian cotton from the Malvern Quilt Fair recently thinking i would make panels for a curtain.  Just an idea and it will take me a long time to finish.  It's a joy sewing this beautiful delicate Victorian fabric onto the cotton, the pieces are very fragile, some almost disintegrating as it's torn - as i sew each piece i often think about who the garment once belonged to, so long ago.


Before our trip to bath last week Gav and i did a trip to Lacock Village (my photos weren't good, too many tourists and cars in the way) but if you have a look at Suzy's Vintage Attic and you get the gist.  Stunningly beautiful (if a little busy), very Jane Austen and Harry Potter.  I found this quirky little vintage shop tucked away up an alleyway where the lovely Sue welcomed us in to have a look around.

Just the smallest of spaces, i fell in love with this beautiful old quilt and had to have it.  The fabric and the colours are exquisite.

the rest of the shop

I was slightly disturbed by this whilst walking around, 
rather scary in a funny sort of way 
and glad i hadn't seen it at night


Weston Park on Saturday with the girlies for another creating day

and a walk around the lake

A beautiful day with beautiful friends

"My friends make me happy, they know just how to take any situation or any problem and turn it upside down" 
 ~unknown (adapted)


Fuzzie Fingers said...

These books are lovely!

my cup of tea said...

Very nice work! I love anything to do with houses! Cool shop!