Saturday, 7 June 2014

New work and a new Bag

It's very wet and thundery here in Monty today, every now and then the sun tries to break through between the downpours, but it's not succeeding.

I've been tucked away in my studio all week working on pieces for my exhibition "Nothing but a House", i've managed to finish quite a lot of projects, which is good because we have visitors mid week and i won't get much done for the next two weeks or so.  

 Mixed Media Stitched Collages




I was lucky to find some more vintage tins recently 
for my "house vignettes"...

(gorgeously worn)

 ...So i started work furnishing them


 the upstairs floor

I still have a lot of work to do on these, next is the furniture i.e. tables, chairs, beds etc.  


 I'm quite excited about this:
 My very first attempt at making myself a bag
 This is an across the body small bag, just big enough to keep a purse/wallet in and a lipstick maybe.  Great for a summer day.  The design is my own and quite complicated for me, but i wanted something a bit different from just a square or a rectangle.
 It's made from vintage fabric, even the strap and i used vintage thread (which i have an abundance of), a nightmare to use on modern sewing machines, but i'm glad i persevered.  The button is new(ish), i just thought it suited.
Fully lined an usable, I'm very proud of myself.  I'm working on some other designs and will try and make a few more.

Thank you to all of you who have purchased my work over the last few weeks, i am doing my best to update my Etsy shop more regularly, but please contact me if you see anything not yet on there.

Tara for now, have a great weekend


Gill said...

I love everything - where do you find all the old fashioned text? it's fabulous!

Twiglet said...

You have so much ephemera to pick and choose from Tina! Haven't you been working hard. Love the bag. x Jo

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Beautiful, beautiful!! collage pieces.I would love to be able to source such amazing vintage paperwork. How do you do it?