Thursday, 6 February 2014

Indigo Moon

Indigo Moon has been fairly quiet this week - not surprising really though with the huge amount of water falling from the sky, and the cold weather we're having here at the moment.  Ok if you're a duck i guess, but I'm seriously thinking of building an ark soon if it doesn't let up.  Mind you i don't think we're having it as bad here in Mid Wales as those down South!  

...and so on to nicer, more cheerful things. 
Following the Spring Fair (yes you heard right...'SPRING!', what's that?), I have new deliveries of stock arriving next week. I also have plans to reorganise the shop too in order to accommodate the beautiful new jewellery i've bought.  So, here are some photos of how Indigo Moon looks at the moment, but all will change next week!

The view from the till


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Twiglet said...

Your shop is looking lovely as usual. You will enjoy adding some new bits and bobs here and there. x Jo