Friday, 31 January 2014

Table Art

I'm currently preparing work for a small exhibition here in Montgomery in the Summer around the theme "House / Home".  (more details soon). 

I've been immensely inspired by artist Cathy Cullis and her current ideas and art around still life. I thought i'd pay her tribute and do some small pieces of (what i call) table art.  These are small square works in water colours of  "table" content embellished with a touch of gold leaf in deep square frames, i really like the look.  (please excuse the photography as i took them in the frames under my twinkly lights which reflected in the glass - Having put them in the frames i didn't want to mess with them again in case they got damaged.

I love 'stuff' placed on tables, it varies from home to home and says something about the people living there.  My kitchen is the hub of our home as well as the office for our businesses and a temporary stock room for the shop.  It's where we live, eat, greet and entertain all who visit it's homely.  There is something different on our big farmhouse kitchen table everyday, but nearly always there will be a vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit, cups and a tea/coffee pot.  Our friends are used to it being messy (in a good way) and it's not unusual for us all to sit drinking tea surrounded by boxes of shop stock, papers and various other things.  I find it all fascinating and have taken to looking carefully and analysing what other people store on their tables.

These will also make nice artist greeting cards that i can sell at both the exhibition and Indigo Moon.

Tomorrow i'll post photos of Indigo Moon, there have been a few changes as some of our bigger pieces have sold over the last few weeks, it's looking beautiful as usual and worth showing off.


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Twiglet said...

You have been busy - they look really fab in those frames. x Jo