Saturday, 22 February 2014

Here comes the Sun

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Montgomery and life seems a whole lot brighter for it!  Although it's due to get worse again tomorrow and next week!

I've been busy doing some stock taking in the shop and i tentatively started the reorganisation.  I was disappointed not to have my delivery of jewellery as promised but am kind of getting used to being let down by suppliers, they'll tell you all sorts of untruths at the trade shows to get you to place the orders.  I was assured everything i ordered was in stock, but alas not.  They've since promised delivery by the first of March, but we'll see.   

I painted the shop counter in pink (from an indigo blue) and used antique brushing wax to seal it.  It's a lot brighter now and ready for Spring.

My projects last and this week were making some felted bowls.  I wanted them to use as display in the jewelry cabinets with the "new" jewellery.  I've never tried making felted vessels before but it was good fun and fairly easy to do (the larger pink one was a disaster though, but may be usable yet).


I've been inspired by the work of both Nina Bagley and Deryn Mentock and decided to make this beautiful necklace(s) for myself.  I used recycled beads and scraps of vintage fabric and sort of pieced it together, i've had a lot of positive comments and was even asked to make one for somebody (which i didn't take them up on)

I think i need to work on my wire work a bit more, but i'm quite happy with this piece for a first serious try.

OK my weekend begins here, i'm glad when 5pm Saturday comes around, i've got two whole days off now and if the weather's not too bad a day out somewhere nice tomorrow.


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Twiglet said...

You have been busy - the pink desk looks fab - very cheery and springlike! Gorgeous idea for your necklaces too. x Jo