Sunday, 23 February 2014

Blowin' the cobwebs away...

In contrast to yesterday it's a grey, blustery, cold and rain drizzled day here in Monty.  Nevertheless we decided to get out, take a walk and blow a few cobwebs away.

Big mistake....
We decided to pay a visit to the Stiperstones in Shropshire, a mere twenty minutes or so (by car) from us.  We managed a shortish walk (unfortunately not to the stones themselves).  It was blowing a gale and the wind was icy cold, it definitely blew the cobwebs away but we both felt pretty miserable, so we came home.

I managed to snap a few images of the place, but they don't do this area of natural outstanding beauty any kind of justice (try here instead).

I'm back home again now in the warm, cwtched up on the sofa with hubby, puppy, with a mug of tea, a curly wurly and an episode of Midsomer Murders ahh bliss!!


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Twiglet said...

If you just want a little walk - go straight on after the Bog Centre (instead of left up to the main outcrop) this will take you to a little car park at The Nipstones - past the dog kennels and llama/alpaca farm. It is just a little walk up onto the Nipstones - great view and rocks etc. x Jo