Saturday, 18 January 2014

Forging ahead

Well, that didn't work so well... planning ahead an all that...

Sorry i didn't post on Thursday as just seemed to take over, i'm still feeling a little out of sorts at the moment (nothing too serious) but i ran out of steam by about three o'clock. 

Today though is a little less hectic for me and at least i managed to finish my little glass hangers (hopefully they'll be in my Etsy shop over the weekend)

Little pewter and brass frames 5cm x 5cm

on the reverse there is a little watercolour drawing 
and it's signed

Each tiny house is hand torn from a piece of vintage legal/mortgage envelope, painted and has a tiny french button sewn on, a word from a poetry book and gold leaf

I'm relieved to have my exhibition finally booked for the 1st August this year at the Old Bell Museum here in Montgomery, i'm quite excited and will tell you a little more about it soon.

The theme will be about the House and Home but it needs a little more thinking - this is a piece i'm currently working on:

an old printing tray filled with houses made of clay.

I've painted some of them in the style of the houses on the above hangers and have words and other embellishments to add as work progresses.  This is a substantial piece and will look great in my exhibition.

I have so much planned for this year i'm going to have to stay focused to get it all done.  Some of the nice things include a visit up north to see family (sometime soon), a "Creative Day" in February at Weston Park, Shopshire arranged by the very lovely Viv Sliwka of Hensteeth Art, trips to the local theatre (the Hafren) to see comedian Rich Hall (fantastic), "Call Mr Robeson" a life with songs (more on that soon) and in April a new production of Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood". In addition I hope to get to St David's, West Wales in May to see the art exhibition of Peter Blake's "Under Milk Wood", 25 years in the making.  Then there is the Malvern Show and the Festival of Quilts Show at the NEC Birmingham in August with friends.  Not to mention a few trade shows for shop stock and the bands that Gav will drag me off to see in between!  Phew!  So looking forward to it, it make me feel alive.

I'm currently creating to the fantastic sound of David Bowie's "The Next Day" album and loving it and am moved by the sound and lyrics of John Grant's "Glacier"

"This pain
It is a glacier moving through you
And carving out deep valleys
And creating spectacular landscapes
And nourishing the ground
With precious minerals and other stuff
So, don't you become paralyzed with fear
When things seem particularly rough"

John Grant

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

love your little framed houses - so dear...

Tina Gilmore said...

Thank you.

Tina Gilmore said...
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