Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cold, Cold snowy morning here in Montgomery

View from my top floor window over Montgomery gardens.
It's one of those days where i'd like to shut myself up in my studio with the heater on and create all day.  However, the clever one, being ever sensible, and the boss, is telling me that we have to move ourselves and open the shop!  I'll be alright once i make the effort and brave the cold of the corridor and the bathroom!

new work
...still running with my theme on houses, i can't seem to move away from them at the moment, whatever i do, whatever is in my head it turns out as a house ... time to get the sketchbooks out i think and experiment.

This stitched collage is made up of (really) old ephemera and fabric, with the inevitable painted house and the gold leaf, which is quickly becoming my signature feature.  

 more detail

Detail of another piece

all sealed up with my new hand made business card attached

I'm very excited... i bought a new sewing machine yesterday, it should arrive Monday or Tuesday (weather permitting), i 've ordered a few extra parts for it too, so i can't wait to see what i can achieve with it.

I have to admit that i'm officially a hoarder.  I've spent the last few weeks cleaning, cleansing and even discovering my art studio!  I'm still amazed by what i find in there.  These wonderful cigar boxes bought for me by my lovely hubby on his car boot forages (and these are just a few of what i have) i found stashed away in a cupboard.  My friend laughs at me when i get ecstatic over what she refers to as "bits of rubbish" saying "what happened to flowers and diamonds as love tokens" - but each to their own and i prefer these!

 I rescued this packaging from the shop. These boxes came packaged with christmas decorations which were opened and sold separately, they're all shapes and sizes, made of wood and are quite strong, too useful to throw away (she says)!
 I tried covering this one with paper, haven't quite decided what i'll do with them yet.  I made the little birds out of some air drying clay that i also found stashed away when "re-discovering" my studio!

ok, i'm off to open up Indigo Moon, i can't see us having many customers today but it's good to be open just in case.  Gav's made a fresh pot of coffee, and it's time for porridge. We have the heater on in the "cold/haunted" kitchen to keep us warm and i have a tray full of things to make to keep me busy.  My latest makes are these gorgeous button brooches (which i have made before, but this time i've been packaging them up) and added a 2/3 vintage buttons hanging from the card.  I put them in the shop yesterday in a pretty rustic basket, they look really nice.

Keep warm everyone, Spring is on the way!!


Twiglet said...

Lovely post Tina! Yes it's pretty but flippin cold isn't it. I have been busy on the machine but only repairs and odd jobs. x Jo

Shahrul Niza said...

LOVE your post today :). Montgomery is stunning, covered in snow. I love flea marketing and these are gorgeous finds!!. Beautiful paper & fabric collage especially with a bit of gold flakes :).

Annie said...

Jo asked me if I had read your latest post Tina and I said....No she hasn't blogged for ages!!! It appears I must have missed that you had a new blog so it had never come up on my side bar! will now :-) Good to catch up with you to see what you've been up to. As ever, it's all go here.....sewing along side our sorting and packing up etc all ready to move houses these days :-)
A x