Monday, 5 January 2015

Welcome 2015

Happy New year to you all

Today is the first day of normality following the festive season, even though i've not done much over the holidays i'm still managing to feel exhausted.  A day off today, even though i spent the best part of the morning returning a hired van for my daughters move to Chester, shopping and photographing a ton of stuff to go on Ebay, which i then decided would be better left in the shop in a sale!

I have plans for 2015 and am determined it won't escape from me this year.  I didn't achieve even half of what i'd planned in 2014 so i'm staying focused and won't be making that mistake again.

As i said my beautiful girl took herself off to the city of Chester, got herself a new job and a flat all of her own, she's all grown up (sniff).

My gorgeous girl, Nicci

I'm happy that she's having her own adventure, i'm having mine too!

Big changes at Indigo Moon for us here, moving more towards antique/vintage hence a massive sale going on at the moment.

As for me, personally, my plan is to carry on with my current healthy lifestyle, apart from a slight blip over christmas (but nowhere near as bad as previous years) i've managed to consistently lose pounds since the Summer, ive gone down two dress sizes and lost 34lb's in total so far.  It hasn't always been easy, but i have remained completely focused and committed.  I want to continue forging ahead with new healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices so i can sensibly enjoy holidays without overdoing it.

My stitching projects are coming along, it's something i can get on with whilst behind the counter in the shop.  i have ideas spinning around in my head and am currently working on a sample book of stitching, trying to find my own style!

I've recently purchased these vintage army bags with a view to covering them in 'Boro', i think it will take some time, but the plan is to get them usable as bags by attaching leather handles - looking forward to the challenge.  They are beautifully, distressed and used and will look fab when finished.

I'm still working on the handle of my small 'Boro' bag, adding tiny stitches and patchwork here and there, slowly working through it building up layers - i'm loving it so far.

It's very cold here at the moment, the house is cold too.  Hot water bottles at bed time and duvets over us on the sofa, it's very cosy, but it also means i don't get a lot done, roll on Spring and Summer.

Ta ta for now


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Twiglet said...

A lovely post Tina - hope 2015 is a good one! x Jo