Friday, 23 January 2015

All Change...

I'm not sure about anyone else but i always sense a need for change when a new year appears, it's psychological i know, but i feel like the trees in Autumn shaking off their summer coats ready for the new.

Things have been so busy here for the last few weeks in that we're having a huge clear out in the house.  Running a vintage/antique shop (where it's hard to part with things) we found we had at least four old wardrobes we didn't need along with a spare dressing table, wooden trunk, coat stand, and a wealth of other bits not to mention the chairs!  It's been hard sorting through it all, harder to part with, but with some things having already left the home it feels much brighter and spacious here and a nice change not to be tripping over and/or bumping into things.

I've not managed much creativity recently with all this going on except stitching, it's easy and very relaxing at the end of a hard day.  

These are some small stitching projects i've been working on:

I have some exciting news regarding a new business venture which has been long in the making/thinking.  It's all rather exciting and scary too but i'll save it for my next post as i need to be in the shop for today.

Tomorrow i'll be at Weston Park spending the day with four beautiful creative friends and i'm so looking forward to it.

Back soon

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