Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We have a little bit of sunshine today, not much, but a glimpse and it's so welcome.

I thought i'd share with you these wonderful pieces of art by Cathy Cullis.  Cathy is one of my favourite artists and i'm finding ALL her work irresistible.  I bought these pieces from her Etsy shop recently and they're just waiting for my "reading room" to be finished before i frame them and put them up.  They bring joy to my heart.
 Cathy is currently working on a very interesting "Paper Houses" project, I love what she's doing, have a look at her new site and prints by following the link on her blog post.

Last week was our wedding anniversary and we decided to celebrate by driving off into the sun (well cloudy drizzle actually) up to Conwy for the day!  A lovely drive up through beautiful countryside to the coast.  By the time we arrived the sun was shining and we walked around the town and it's amazing imposing Norman castle.  Then we found a lovely antique/vintage shop where we purchased a few items.  The shop was huge and it took us ages to wander around.  Gav and i are always looking for different things in these sort of places, i'm like a magnet to textiles and ephemera, and couldn't believe my luck when i found these 1950's notebooks, they were in a little bucket advertised at £2 each, there were twelve and i bought the lot.

 I have plans to pick some images from old 1950's childrens annuals and stick them to the front, they'll look great in Indigo Moon.

I also found this box of old greeting cards for £5, there are about twenty cards and a little book in here, no envelopes sadly, but they're really nice, if a little dusty!

None of my own artwork to show you today, i'm spending all my time working on exhibition work.  I'm currently having to do some very fiddly papier mache(ing) and i have a kind of production line going!  I'll show you soon.


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Twiglet said...

Great finds! Have sent you emails to various addresses. x Jo