Sunday, 20 January 2013

Playing with Paint Shop

Hello, from a very cold and snowy Montgomery. 

 I haven't even ventured outside today, in fact i haven't even ventured out of my pyjamas - but there is a reason!

First of all i've been organising my stashes of old ephemera, i have so much and it's taking over now.  Some I bought for the shop and some for use in my artwork.  It's just been sitting in the shop store room in bags, getting dusty and dirty, thats why i didn't bother getting dressed.  It's been quite entertaining, i've sorted it all into the bits i want to keep and the bits i'll probably end up putting on Ebay.  I was amazed at some of the things i found, i'll take some photos when i get a minute. Old handwritten letters and receipts from the 1840's onwards.  There's something special about handwritten letters from businesses, it conjures up images of Dickens' characters hunched over a desk with quill and ink scratching away by candle light.  I digress.    I had to download a manual for my very basic and old (five years) Canon camera (which i've never learnt to use properly as i lost the manual in the move here from Leeds). It seems to be doing all sorts of things i don't want it to do and is driving me mad.  I think it's a bit pointless getting a new one before i discovered it's true potential.

I've also been playing about with paint shop, and have had some fun with today, there is so much to learn on there!

Here's a picture from my last post...  

...and the same picture with artist effects:

 This one is called Kaleidoscope - i used to love those when i was a little girl

Ok, i have to get back to ephemera now, and then it's boxes and boxes of bric-a-brac china to sort through (stuff we bought for the shop initially) but it's all going off to auction.  Wish me luck.

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Twiglet said...

Yes - cold snowy here too - I can just imagine your alladdins cave of gorgeous bits and bobs. Good luck with the sorting - don't bin it - I am sure there will be a use for it ALL!!! x Jo